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We have a wide selection of colorful, shiny items up for sale on our Bandcamp page. CDs, LPs, shirts, tote bags, even coffee cups. You name it…



Record-Boys Record-MehrMehrMehr Record-MoreMoreMore
Record-Ichkannnichtmehr Record-AranEpochal Record-Obstacles
Record-TourCD2 Record-Meow Record-Sunshine

Boys In My Head CD/LP – Gunner Records // Fidel Bastro Records
Mehr! Mehr! Mehr! 7″ – Lovitt Records
More! More! More! CD/LP – Gunner Records
Ichkannnichtmehr CD/LP – Gunner Records
split 7″ w/ Aran Epochal – Silver Rocket Records
split 7″ w/ Obstacles – Revolution Summer Records
2009 European Tour CD – self-released
Meow Tour CD – self-released
Sunshine LP/CD – Lovitt Records


All of our records are available for streaming on Bandcamp


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