News Flash: Issue #8 is currently in the works, due out Jan 2005. Have contributions? Send them to us:!

Hello all and thanks for visiting MediaReader's place on the web. As an initial warning, this website has become an afterthought to the actual print magazine. All the news and pertinent information about us is contained on this page. Below, you can click on the magazines to view them online or download them as PDFs. The PDFs are the actual magazines, layout preserved, in small PDF format. Ads have been omitted and you are left with only the content of the magazine. You can print them out or read them on the computer.

To the right, you will find all the contact and business information, or rather not-so-business stuff, about us.

Going on our 6th year, we are still free-of-charge, still infrequent, and still out of all back issues except for Issue #5, the special 144-page soft bound book featuring Micheal Rhode's photos of protests and human struggle. This can be ordered from Stickfigure or AK Press at a reduced rate.

When in print, all issues can be found with these dependable people:

Q: Can I send in a CD of my band for review?
A: Yes, send it to the address to the right. We don't care what type of music it is. There are no guarentees that any album will be reviewed.

Q: When is the next issue coming out?
A: We run on a very loose production schedule. Might I stress the VERY part! This is not a job and is released when there is time for it and when the planets allign correctly.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the magazine?
A: Stickfigure or AK Press. The both constantly stock MediaReader when it is available and distribute it across the country, which can be a crap shoot of it ending up in your town, honestly. We no longer send out mail from Chicago because we are frequently out of town and generally very bad at mail. The two are not linked.

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ISSUE 5: Book
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