Art <> Activism
An interview with Sue Coe

by Elin Slavick

Artist Elin Slavic talks with the amazing Sue Coe about about her art, her politics, and her reasons for making what she makes.

An Interview with Propagandhi
by Al Burian

Propagandhi talk about their ethics, G-7 Welcomming Committee, activism, and extra-cirricular activities. Also includes some talk of their music.

Tandem Surfing the 3rd Wave:
An Interview with Critical Arts Ensemble

by Ryan Griffis

A slew of puppeteers were arrested at R2K before they had a chance to parade in non-violent protest. Charged with obscure violations and obscene bail, they are currently on political trial.


The State of Cinema
by Andrew Dickson

The control of cinema lies in the hands of a select few Hollywooders. Andrew Dickson asks us "why are we settling for what they want us to watch" and informs us about the technological revolution which just may aid in a well-deserved change.

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